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Summer Astro Circles

This is a series of monthly online Astro Circles dedicated to different topics through the lens of Vedic Astrology. The participants will receive a personal mini reading related to the topic of the month.

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Summer Astro Circles

Time & Location

31 Aug 2021, 18:00

Zoom Webinar

About the Event

Welcome to the Summer Astro Circles with Inner Magic!

We will have one Astro Circle per month, dedicated to a specific cosmic topic:

· Astro Circle 1: Jun 9 | 2pm UTC | 36 usd – ‘Closing the Cosmic Portal with the Solar Eclipse’

· Astro Circle 2: Jul 11 | 2pm UTC | 36 usd – ‘Love, Passion & Madness with the Cosmic Lovers’

· Astro Circle 3: Aug 22 | 2pm UTC | 36 usd – ‘Chakras & Planetary Connections’ Full Moon Edition 

Every circle is 1.5 hour long and it includes a personal mini birth chart reading of each participant. So if you are curious about what the planets have in store for you, this is a great chance to get a taste of it!

If you are not able to attend the live session, you will receive the recording the next day.

More details about each circle:

Astro Circle 1: June 9 | 2PM UTC – ‘Closing the Cosmic Portal with the Solar Eclipse’

Do you know that the 2 weeks in between the two eclipses is an open Cosmic doorway? It’s like a Portal of Possibilities where anything and everything is possible! In this time the Universe is working on specific areas of your life, arranging situations and people (oh and feelings!) in the way that are pushing you to make certain decisions which are going to shape the upcoming 6 months of your life, giving you opportunities and showing you the way… As we are approaching the Solar Eclipse of June 10, becoming aware of how this eclipse is impacting your personal life, can give you insights of which direction the Universe is steering you.

What we will cover in this Astro Circle:

· Nature of this eclipse cycle

· Vedic insights on what causes the eclipses

· Overall energy update

· Practices for the day of the eclipse

· Personal chart readings of the participants

Astro Circle 2: July 11 | 2PM UTC – ‘Love, Passion & Madness with the Venus Mars Affair’

Venus and Mars are two relationship planets and in astrology they are called ‘the cosmic lovers’. Venus – the planet of love, affection, romance and relationships, and Mars – the planet of war, ambition, action, passion and possession. There is a reason why it is believed that ‘Men come from Mars and Women come from Venus’! These two planets meet up in conjunction once every 2 years or so, starting a new relationship cycle. This year the two cosmic lovers will conjunct on July 12 and you might want to know weather this ‘affair’ is bringing anything significant for you!

What we will cover in this Astro Circle:

· Nature of Venus and Mars

· Relationship significators in a birth chart

· Overall energy update

· Practices to strengthen your Mars or your Venus

· Personal chart readings of the participants (limited to 15 participants)

Astro Circle 3: August 22 | 2PM UTC – ‘Chakras & Planetary Connections’

Do you know that each planet in our chart rules a specific chakra? Very often we wonder about the strength (or weakness) of our chakras. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our planets helps naturally assess our energetical body. For example, if you have a weak Mercury in your chart, your Throat chakra is likely to be naturally out of balance and you need to do constant work on it. Also, sometimes we have a difficult transit that can block specific chakras for a specific period of time. Becoming aware of these blockages and imbalances can help us work on specific issues.

What we will cover in this Astro Circle:

· Nature of the 7 planets

· Direct connection to the 7 Chakras

· Indicating natural strengths & weaknesses of your Chakras

· Practices to strengthen your Chakras

· Personal chart readings of the participants

Also, because this day is Full Moon, we will be honouring this auspicious time together! 





  • June 9: Solar Eclipse


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