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2023 Personal Overview Reading

  • 1 hour
  • 250 US dollars
  • Online Consultation

Service Description

2023 is another year of shifting consciousness! The radical transformation that has been taking place globally in the last couple of years is slowly starting to shape up. We are slowly seeing more and more clearly where we are heading, flowing with more grace in alignment with our divine purpose on this magnificent Earth, we are also more at ease with the pain and discomfort that this shift has brought to us, realizing that Re-birthing just like every labour needs to be felt with all it takes. 2022 has been a huge year or Re-birth for all of us! It has not always been easy, quite the opposite, but it has surely prepared us for the inevitable GROWTH that is upon us, willingly or unwillingly! Are you ready for it? This reading is dedicated to look at your personal astrological transits throughout the year to see the main attention areas and identify the growth opportunities for YOU! For this reading you will need to know the precise time of your birth. Your booking will be confirmed after completing the payment. We will schedule the consultation at a suitable time for both of us. What is Vedic Astrology? Have you heard a saying “It’s written in the stars”? Well, apparently it is! Vedic Astrology is the oldest astrological system in the word, originated in India and used for thousands of years to date. It uses the Sidereal zodiac system based on fixed astrological orientation between the Earth and the stars that has not changed since the time of Creation. The multiple planetary bodies and stars above us have an undeniable effect not only on our planet Earth but on our individual bodies, minds and souls – as above, so below, as within, so without. It is believed that our soul consciously chooses a particular point of time and place to come back to Earth and that point becomes our birthday, when the planets and stars are aligned in a very particular manner to depict our entire life in order to fulfil our past life gifts, debts and karmas. Please keep in mind that your Vedic Astrology birth chart is likely to differ from your Western Astrology birth chart as these two system look at your birth imprint from a different astrological orientation (Sidereal vs Tropical).

Contact Details

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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